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Case Study - Creating More Efficient Workflow with HydroSym Hydraulic Design Software

GEARS is an acronym for Grinding Equipment and Reline Support specializes in electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical maintenance, servicing, diagnosis and support of all mobile and fixed plant used throughout the crushing and grinding process plants. Established in 2014 in response to a demand from mine sites for highly skilled technical trades that can cover a variety of areas. GEARS Mining also offers engineered solutions to create more efficient work flow in shutdown process.

Lean, Mean with a Can Do Attitude

In the current economic climate clients are looking for multi-skilled vendors that can maintain and service a wide variety of equipment on site so they eliminate the expense and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors as well as providing solutions to existing problems they may have onsite. GEARS Mining saw an opportunity to fill this need for their clients. GEARS Mining personnel have over twelve years experience in crushing and grinding process plants and have dealt with SAG, Ball and Rod mill systems all over the globe. It is important for GEARS Mining to keep overhead low so they can in turn pass the saving on to their clients. Thus the team is always on the lookout to improve efficiency in how they work.

On a Mission to Add Value

Damon Frizzell, Director at GEARS Mining explains that one of the challenges was to quickly and efficiently update the schematics to reflect the new upgrades to the equipment. Creation of updated schematics used to be an outsourced process, but after starting to use HydroSym Software for drawing hydraulic schematics, the team is able to easily make the adjustments themselves by dragging and dropping the necessary hydraulic component into the schematic. CAD skills are not required. Also with the use of Paro’s continuously updated library of over 40,000 hydraulic components, GEARS Mining Team always has the right manufacturer’s documentation at their fingertips. By bringing the process of schematics creation in house, GEARS Mining saves time and money and is able to pass on the savings to the client.

HydroSym Helps to Improve After Service

With an eye for continued support, GEARS Mining also thinks about the clients in terms of after-service. Having updated schematics ready and available also enables the team to troubleshoot easier any future requests and training.

“ I like the fact that the majority of manufacturers’ information is already uploaded and that Paro Software offer a service to upload any additional components that my team requires. This also makes creating Bill of Materials for Schematics an instantaneous process” 

Damon Frizzel, Director

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HydroSym will enable you to quickly and easily design a wide range of hydraulic systems, from a small power unit to a large hydraulic installation.

This includes smart connecting lines with information flows, automatic jumpers, the easy positioning of items between the connecting lines, the straightforward changing of solenoid properties and much more.