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HydroMan - Flawless design of your 3D Hydraulic Manifold

HydroMan is a complete 3D hydraulic manifold design software package for the rapid design of complex hydraulic manifolds, and is equally effective for simpler designs. HydroMan is well-organized, efficient and extremely easy to use. With HydroMan, you can quickly and easily produce an error-free manifold design.

Hydraulic Manifolds Specific

HydroMan is intended for the 3D design of your hydraulic manifold. It is a dedicated, stand-alone software solution with all the tools to help you to draw a flawless hydraulic manifold, however complex or simple the manifold.

8/10 Entek Yusuf Ziya Doğan

We use this software for designing all our hydraulic manifolds. It is very useful for us!

8/10 DeltaP Michael Carson

After extensive experience with other software, while nothing is perfect, Hydroman is the best available. For a complex task, this is as easy as it gets. With more practice, the more short cuts are learned, it is also the fastest.

Easy, Fast, Smart

Design your hydraulic manifold in no time. You do not need training or extensive knowledge of CAD-type software to use HydroMan. Reading a summary is sufficient to get you started to design your optimal manifold in a short amount of time. 

Thanks to the combination of 3D and 2D, designing in HydroMan is easy and efficient. Smart Tools in our software will help guide you to a flawless design efficiently, identifying potential mistakes during the designing process, and providing a checklist for your circuits. 

Once your design is complete, HydroMan will generate the corresponding drilling list, production and assembly drawing, bill of materials and a checklist; all very efficient with just one click.

Extensive Library

Focus more on your manifold design, and less on the administrative side of the design process by leveraging our Library, containing virtually all the cavities and drilling holes used in hydraulics, including up-to-date datasheets and detailed product information. We are also happy to custom-make special patterns or cavity tooling for you.

You can easily add your items to the Library, or have us add them for you (just ask). From the Library, you can insert items straight into your design.

CAD Compatible

HydroMan is compatible with many CAD software programmes. For the most frequently used CAD programmes we have included a feature to easily export your design.

Unlimited Support Service

Our team will provide you with all the support necessary to guarantee a flawless hydraulic system design.

We only consider ourselves done if you are 100% satisfied.

You can reach us directly by phone, email, and/or schedule a video training session, or view our training tutorials.

Manifold Design Service

We will gladly apply our extensive hydraulics expertise and experience to help design your manifold for you.

Request a HydroMan Demo

HydroMan is clear, efficient and very user-friendly. With HydroMan you will design quickly while the chance of mistakes is very small. HydroMan is a complete 3D software package for the design of complex as well as simple hydraulic manifolds.