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Designing hydraulic manifolds for you

Engineering hydraulic manifolds is where it all started for Paro in 1974. And still is one of our core competences, which we offer as a service to customers who require help in creating a flawless manifold design.

Use our Expertise and Experience

We will gladly use our extensive hydraulics expertise and experience to help you design your manifold. Submit your hydraulic system or specs in any format, and we will draw and optimize your manifold design.

Once you’ve approved the design, we will provide you with the Bill of Materials, production drawings, drilling list and check list. What's left for you is to manufacture the manifold. As with our software solutions, our Unlimited Service applies to our Manifold Design Service: we're not satisfied until your design is flawless.

9/10 Nubé Hydraulics Martin Arts

Saying yes to our clients is of utmost importance. We can always count on Paro Engineering to quickly turnaround even most complex manifold design enabling us to produce more manifolds for our customers.

10/10 Serman & Tipsmark Claus Tipsmark

Paro Engineering is always a reliable partner for accurate manifold design regardless of complexity. These guys know what they're doing.

9/10 Hydrautronics Richard Munters

We distinguish ourselves by developing custom made system using the latest techniques and software. Paro Engineers are a great extension of our own team because of their extensive experience and knowledge.

Excellent Quality

Paro Engineering is an innovative hydraulics engineering consultancy and part of Paro Software. We excel at designing well-planned manifolds. Excellent quality is guaranteed by years of experience and knowledge, and the fact that every single design is checked by a second pair of eyes. The designs we engineer are always flawless, and ready for production.

Short Lead-times

We pride ourselves on short lead-times. You can expect a price quote within two hours after sending your manifold specs, and your questions will ordinarily be answered within 24 hours. The lead-time for your manifold design is generally shorter than our customers expect.

Fixed Price

We work with a fixed price based on the information provided by you. This does not change if revisions or design changes are needed. In other words, you will always know what your costs will be.

Meeting Any Hydraulic Need

We know the market of hydraulic manifolds like no one else. And we want to offer our customers the best service possible. That’s why we aim to meet all your hydraulic-related needs. From managing production for you, to realizing an order urgently, to any other need you may have.  We do not consider ourselves done until you are 100% satisfied.

Do you need manifold design or optimization?

Feel free to contact us to see if we can be of service. (The worst that will happen is that you end up with a flawless manifold design.)

Send us a message through the contact form or send us an e-mail at, and we'll get back to you.

Or if you prefer calling, you can reach us at +31 251 233 785.