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We aim to be the #1 of design software solutions in the world of hydraulics.

We create hydraulic design software products and services that are easy to use, efficient, and of the highest quality, leaving 100% of our customers satisfied with the design of their hydraulic system.

Our Story

We know hydraulics. Since 1974.

We have been living and breathing hydraulics since 1974, when Jos Paro founded Paro Engineering.

Jos was a hydraulics engineer working for Royal Hoogovens (Koninklijke Hoogovens, now part of Tata Steel), who decided he wanted more out of his profession, as an independent hydraulics consultant. He founded Paro Engineering, providing consulting services for customers who needed help with their hydraulic system design.

We know hydraulics software. Since 1988.

In 1988, at the budding of the computer age, Jos wanted to optimize and support his consulting services. Together with his sole employee, Frank Halma, they developed HydroMan: a software solution that helped Paro design manifolds easier and faster for customers.

Unfortunately, Jos passed away in 1989. His wife, Margot, took the reins, and together with Frank, weighed her options. They decided to market HydroMan as a product. This gutsy decision paid off, playing to the market trend of businesses that wanted to design their manifold in house; and who needed state-of-the-art software to do just that.

In 2003, Margot retired and she found her first time employee and her son Marc willing and energized to take over the business.

At a certain moment, Marc and Frank realized designing manifolds was merely a translation of schematics, and there weren’t any high-quality software hydraulic design packages in the market. So, they decided to develop a software solution for the design of hydraulic system schematics: HydroSym.

Now, Paro continues to be rooted in hydraulic engineering, even though the business has evolved into hydraulic software solutions. The forces that have driven our success since 1974 are embracing innovation, acting on feedback from our customers, and the ambition to be the #1 in design software solutions in the world of hydraulics. We believe this is the key to remain successful and keep customers 100% satisfied.

10/10 Novelquip Forestry HydroSym User

I thoroughly enjoy HydroSym. It is the best schematic software I have ever used. It is user Friendly, easy to make new symbols and the support from you guys is just excellent.

10/10 G3 Automation George Lutz

Having used HydroSym for over two years I am always pleased at the result whether doing hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical design. The software is intuitive and library rich.

10/10 Dorninger Hytronics HydroSym User

HydroSym is an enrichment in our working life. It is incredibly supportive when the result is not only perfect but also makes the work itself enjoyable and fun.

8/10 Entek Yusuf Ziya Doğan

We use this software for designing all our hydraulic manifolds. It is very useful for us!

10/10 Specma Hydraulics HydroSym User

Paro provides the best support you could possibly get. You always get fast answers and they always seem enthusiastic to help you.

Curious to see what drives us?

You can count on the support of an enthusiastic and highly experienced team. We believe great service is not only about providing excellent software solutions but also ensuring you achieve 100% success using it. We listen closely to what you need and create it together with you.

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