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HydroCAM - Flawless Manifold Production

The natural next step for us, after creating HydroSym software for designing hydraulic schematics and HydroMan for designing hydraulic manifolds, is to help save hydraulic engineers more than 80% of their time by digitizing the final step in production of hydraulic manifolds: automating the programming of the CNC machine.

HydroCAM software makes it possible to automate the programming of CNC machines for hydraulic manifold production. This is a breakthrough in achieving complete optimization of the entire process of hydraulic manifold creation from the initial design to the final production. Before, it would take hours (if not days) to program the CNC machine for manifold production; HydroCam automatically generates the program for the CNC machine based on HydroMan designs.

Hydraulic Manifolds Specific

HydroCAM is intended for the production of your hydraulic manifold. It is a dedicated, stand-alone software solution with all the tools to help you produce a flawless hydraulic manifold, however complex or simple the manifold.

Easy, Fast, Smart

Program your CNC machine with just one click to produce your hydraulic manifold. You do not need training or extensive knowledge of CAM-type software to use HydroCAM. 

Smart Tools in our software will help guide you to a flawless production identifying potential mistakes during the programming process, and providing a checklist for the CNC program.

Once your program is complete, HydroCAM will generate the corresponding codes. Very efficient!  

Error free programming code

HydroCAM is based on feature definition instead of feature recognition. This will ensure that your code is error free.


HydroCAM is fully standalone which means you will not need any additional CAM software to get started. The software remains light and flexible as only the functionalities relevant to the producing of hydraulic manifolds have been included.  

Unlimited Support Service

Our team will provide you with all the support necessary to guarantee that your manifold can be produced flawlessly. We only consider ourselves done if you are 100% satisfied. You can reach us directly by phone, email, and/or schedule a video training session, or view our training tutorials.  

Manifold Production Service

Looking to produce your manifold? We will gladly source our extensive hydraulics partners to facilitate manifold production for you.  

Request a HydroCAM Demo

HydroCAM can save up to 80% of time by automatically generating CNC programs for your manifolds. Interested to see discover how HydroCAM can improve your process? Request a free demo and one of our engineers will demonstrate the capabilities of HydroCAM and answer all your questions.