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Case Study - DAMAN partners with Paro Software for Quick Block tool to streamline custom manifold ordering

Paro team helps Daman build an online tool to be used by their 500 distributors, enabling them to configure their own custom manifolds resulting in Daman significantly reducing custom manifold quotation turn around time to 3 hours, and delivery time of 3 weeks.

About Daman

For over 40 years Daman, based in the United States, designs and builds Standard and Custom Hydraulic Manifold Products for industrial and mobile applications. Their products are marketed through a distribution network to original equipment manufacturers in the machine tool, construction, farming, mining, energy, agricultural, ship building and entertainment industries, to name a few.

Over the last four decades, Daman has evolved into a $25 million company. With a strong customer base of 500 fluid power distributors across North America, they have become the leader in Standard Manifold production and Custom Manifold expertise.

Long term software collaboration

Daman has always approached their business with customers at the center perspective and a culture of continuous improvement, a business approach very much shared by PARO. PARO team had the pleasure of working together with Daman for decades, supporting their team with our HydroSym software for designing hydraulic schematics and HydroMan for creating hydraulic manifolds.

Inception of Quick Block

Custom hydraulic manifolds are the core products of Daman and as their distribution base grew it has been confirmed that demand for custom manifolds is only going to increase.

How to continue on the growth trajectory while maintaining high quality, and providing the best support to the distributors?

The answer to this question came from Daman’s customers. What they wished for was a quicker quote for a custom manifold so they in turn can provide quotes to their customers quicker, and next step of course being a faster turnaround time for a finished manifold.

Faster Quotations for Custom Manifolds

With 70% of capacity being dedicated to custom manifolds Daman already had an impressive process and could turn around a quotation within 24 hours. This is where the “continuous improvement” approach got PARO and Daman teams to put their heads together to outline a wish list for a new process. This took time and effort by both teams working together across the ocean and time zones to develop a new process. Based on the resulting business case, PARO team realized the software for Quick Block using the latest web technology. The result - a brand new Quick Block service powered by HydroSym for all of Daman’s distributors.

Powered by HydroSym

Daman has identified that most common custom requests referenced a standard part. So it made perfect sense to enable distributors with a way to quickly and easily configure the manifold they need on their own, eliminating the additional steps of initial quote communication. In Quick Blok you start out by selecting one of the default parts available by capabilities, then customize each port as needed all the while being able to visualize the manifold in real time with the build in live viewer.

Default layout definition in Quick Block

After submitting their configuration, distributors receive a formal quote including a 3D model of the manifold within 3 business hours. Once approved, the delivery is guaranteed within 3 weeks.

Sales as a Partnership

We strongly believe in sales as a partnership. We consider our software customers our partners. Just like Daman is partnering closely with their customers to make their business life easier, we at PARO also look forward to creating solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. We look forward to being in touch with you to discuss how we can help you reach your business goals by integrating HydroSym and HydroMan with your workflow.

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