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Case Study - Go Global With HydroSym

Whether a large corporation, small business or a solo entrepreneur more and more we notice that geographical borders are becoming less relevant. Our clients are going global and they are expecting us to support them globally as well. This is the case with Craig Biddulph and his company Marine Engineered Hydraulics who focus on service of private yachts.

The Challenge of Hydraulic Design for Yachts

Creating an accurate schematic of installed systems on private yachts is very important for any future maintenance, service and repair. A yacht is there to give complete freedom to the owners to travel the world and well, being able to get the yacht serviced and maintained anywhere is a crucial part of the equation. In order to do that it is imperative to have an accurate schematic with each symbol, pressure, return, drain lines, etc, clearly identified and with technical datasheets for each component readily available. This is one of the big challenges faced by Craig and his team when servicing a yacht.

Hydraulic Design Software for Global Collaboration

Craig went looking for a better solution for his clients and this search has lead him to discover and start using HydroSym Software for designing hydraulic schematics. With HydroSym he is able to create schematics that are interactive, where his clients can click into and see the technical info relating to each component using HydroSym Viewer. (HydroSym Viewer is a free to download program that anyone can use to view HydroSym files as interactive files.)

With HydroSym, it makes it a lot easier for Craig to work with his clients wherever they happen to be.

Easy to follow circuits with color coding and line types, allow yacht engineers to understand systems to a degree even if they don’t have a lot of hydraulic experience. Allowing me to communicate with them even over long distances using the schematic to help them find solutions while trouble shooting, making the process a lot more easier. HydroSym has simply provided me with everything I was looking for.

Craig Biddulph, Marine Engineered Hydraulics – Palma de Mallorca

With HydroSym Craig and his team are able to create schematics easily adding any specific manufacturer symbols easily by simply dragging and dropping them into the schematic from the extensive PARO Library of over 40,000+ hydraulic components. Clients then wherever they may be can use HydroViewer to see an interactive schematic where they can click on the symbol and get exact information so they can order any new parts. Trouble shooting can be done over distance and HydroViewer makes it easy for clients to understand and trace circuits easily. Craig even adds notes into the schematic telling his clients where the component can be found onboard their vessel. After repair, if system modifications have been made, the schematic can be updated quickly and a new updated file is sent to clients so that next time service or maintenance is needed the client has the most current information on hand.

Are you taking your hydraulic services globally?

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HydroSym will enable you to quickly and easily design a wide range of hydraulic systems, from a small power unit to a large hydraulic installation.

This includes smart connecting lines with information flows, automatic jumpers, the easy positioning of items between the connecting lines, the straightforward changing of solenoid properties and much more.