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HydroMan - Flawless design of your 3D Hydraulic Manifold

HydroMan allows you to quickly and easily create a flawless manifold design. When your manifold design is complete, you can generate the corresponding drilling list, production and assembly drawing, Bill of Materials and a checklist with just one click, cutting back the time you need for process administration by as much as 80 percent. In other words: an error-free design and impressive efficiency improvement!

Extensive Library

Our extensive library contains nearly all drilling models and cavity tooling used in hydraulics. We are happy to custom-make special patterns or cavity tooling for you. Naturally, you can also add drilling models and cavity tooling to the library yourself. Datasheets with detailed product information are included.

Flawless results

Wall thickness that is too small or insufficiently porous, wrong connections and port faults: these are just a handful of mistakes that are easily made when designing a hydraulic manifold. Not anymore. HydroMan shows potential mistakes during the designing process. Once you are done, you can easily check your circuits with a simple checklist. 

Fast, intuitive & simple

Reading a summary is sufficient to get you started to design your optimal manifold in a short amount of time. Thanks to the combination of 3D and 2D, designing in HydroMan is easy and efficient.

CAD Compatible

HydroMan is fully stand-alone, but it does offer you the opportunity to convert your HydroMan design to your own design package. Paro has developed an export option for frequently used CAD programmes.

Need more information?

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