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PARO News January// HydroSym updates and a new Knowledge Base

Daily the team of engineers at PARO Software works to update and develop new features for our users of HydroSym and HydroMan software. A lot of these updates just magically show up when you open your software, we'd like to keep you updated about these changes better so in turn you can be even more successful with our software.

New Year new initiatives! We are pleased to introduce to you a couple of very exciting updates for our HydroSym users. We have been busy in the background for a while with these projects and it's no small matter. This will make your hydraulic design experience inside HydroSym even smoother and quicker AND more intuitive, if something like that was even possible. It turns out it was!

BIG NEWS! PARO Library Expanded!

The already well-loved PARO Library has been getting a number of upgrades to make it even more of a valuable tool for you. Mainly we have been working in the background last year to create a "Google like" search experience, making it more intuitive, recognizing which part you are looking for with key words, descriptions, and even abbreviations, as well as type names and sizes. 

Soon you will see "advanced search" icon inside your HydroSym.
For now give it a try online: Library | Paro Software

40,000 hydraulic components become now a lot more!

But this is not all, we have enriched the already impressive collection of 40,000 hydraulic components with data to enable you to select different sizes and variations of each component, making it even faster to find what you need and directly add it to your schematic. 

New Knowledge Base at your fingertips

Another investment we have done is to create a whole new Knowledge Base with new video tutorials for your quick reference of using HydroSym. With these videos it is very easy to review step by step different features of HydroSym and the possibilities to make your workflow easier. You know we are dedicated to your success with HydroSym so you are always welcome to schedule a customized LIVE video workshop with our engineers to take your knowledge even further on any specific advanced technique. 

For now we'd like to thank you again for being such enthusiastic users of HydroSym and we look forward to adding more value to your work this year!

The PARO Team  

If you have not yet experienced HydroSym, we invite you to fill out this form to receive a 30 day free trial. Test it out for yourself and see how HydroSym can make your hydraulic design process much faster and easier, prevent human errors and decrease design time by hours. At anytime feel free to schedule a call with one of our engineers to walk you through the software with your specific work in focus!