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HydroSym in Action: Bosch Rexroth EDG sectional valve configuration in HydroSym

The PARO Library has been expanding dramatically yearly as we add to any requested parts by our users. One of the mutual benefits all of our users have is being part of a global HydroSym user base and using various hydraulic parts from different brands. We add these regularly to the PARO Library for everyone's benefit.

With the recent total upgrade of the PARO Library, we wrote about it here, the existing parts were expanded to include variations as well, the next logical step was to create a way to enable customization of parts RIGHT in the worksheet as you create your schematic. This opened up many possibilities for real product configuration. 

Take a look at HydroSym's product configurator in action. Here is the example of Bosch Rexroth EDG sectional valve, take a look at the many options that can be adjusted right in the worksheet. The idea was to make this process easy and smooth. 

The configurator is designed to simplify the process of configuring hydraulic systems, including the setup of sectional valves, such as the Bosch Rexroth EDG (Electronically Controlled Directional Valve) sectional valve. Here's how HydroSym allows for Bosch Rexroth EDG sectional valve configuration: 

User-Friendly Interface

HydroSym provides a user-friendly interface that allows engineers and designers to easily create and configure hydraulic circuit diagrams. It offers a visual representation of the hydraulic system, making it intuitive for users. 

Expanded PARO Library of Hydraulic Parts and Components

HydroSym comes with a comprehensive, updated library of hydraulic components, including Bosch Rexroth products like the EDG sectional valve as an example. Users can select these components from the library and drag and drop them into their system diagrams. 


Users can customize the properties of the Bosch Rexroth EDG sectional valve and other components. This includes adjusting parameters such as valve size, pressure ratings, flow rates, and specific control options to match the requirements of the hydraulic system being designed. 

Auto-Generation of Documentation

HydroSym generates documentation for the hydraulic circuit automatically. This includes bills of materials, parts lists, and circuit diagrams, which can be a significant time-saver in the design process. 

Validation and Simulation

The software provides tools for validating the hydraulic system's performance. Engineers can run simulations to ensure that the sectional valve configuration, along with other components, will work correctly and efficiently within the system. 

Compatibility and Integration

HydroSym is designed to work seamlessly with Bosch Rexroth components like the EDG sectional valve. This ensures that the configurations generated in the software are directly compatible with the products offered by the company, reducing the risk of incompatibility issues during the implementation phase. 

Cost and Time Savings

By streamlining the design and configuration process, HydroSym can save considerable time and reduce errors in the design of hydraulic systems. This can result in cost savings and improved efficiency in the engineering and design workflow. 

Updates and Support

The software is regularly updated to incorporate the latest upgrades, ensuring that engineers have access to the most up-to-date parts and components for their designs. Additionally, users receive technical support from Paro. 

We here at Paro are very happy to continue expanding the capability of HydroSym as a powerful tool that simplifies hydraulic design, and dare we say makes it even more enjoyable. We continuously strive to make HydroSym's user-friendly interface, extensive component library, and configuration capabilities a valuable asset for engineers and designers working on hydraulic systems. By using HydroSym, users can efficiently create accurate and customized hydraulic circuit designs, ultimately leading to more reliable and cost-effective systems delivered quicker. 

Contact us to brainstorm how HydroSym's configurator capabilities can benefit your business and offer a standardized customization service to your customers. Why not already get started by signing up for a free 1-month trial of HydroSym. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.