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Transport & Logistics

If we think about the transport and logistics industry immediately we can imagine all the many instances where hydraulics are in use. Not only the machines, cranes, planes and trains that carry the heavy load, but also the multitude of hydraulic parts to power equipment that works non stop for the industry.

HydroSym for designing hydraulics in Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics industry has a specialized demand when it comes to hydraulics. The work is done in harsh environments, dealing with heavy and oversized loads, as well as continuously being under pressure to move more and move it faster. Downtime is simply not an option in this time sensitive environment. Customized parts for specialized machines are becoming a “standard” need.

Custom designed as well as standard fit cylinders, accessories, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic press and hydraulic pullers must all be designed to deliver greater efficiency and higher reliability.

This is the reason HydroSym users from companies specializing in transport and logistics can be found in all four different sectors: Road, Rail, Sea and Air.

Hydraulics for Road Transport

HydroSym is used by companies producing any of the transportation vehicles that are used for road transport naming some. Just to name some: Car Carrier Trucks, Crane Trucks, Hook lift Trucks, Low Loader Trucks, Side Loader Trucks, Skip Loader Trucks, Tilt Tray Trucks, Tipper Trucks.

Many road transport machines rely on sophisticated hydraulic systems to do their job, and in-turn engineers, maintenance and service teams rely on HydroSym software for clear design as well as complete parts information file accessible by anyone needing to work on the machine at any time.

In such machines, where hydraulic fluid is pumped directly to hydraulic motors and cylinders which are situated strategically throughout the machinery. Additionally, the level of fluid itself is directly controlled by various valves, and it is distributed throughout the machinery by tubes, hoses, or pipes. Any of the parts used within the system is clearly identified in HydroSym software to reference during any part of the lifecycle by teams that need to perform work or maintenance.

Railroad and Hydraulics

Railroad transport has it’s own unique requirements with importance on not only maximum safety and reliability but also with a view on reducing overall life cycle costs. Railroad, trains and equipment needs to be durable enough for decades of hard work. Loaders and cranes to move equipment, and train cars, on and off tracks, as well as on loading and unloading goods for transport. As well as equipment used to build and repair track. Hard working hydraulic parts such as hydraulic cylinders do the bulk of the work; tie cranes, spike drivers, ballast regulators, tie inserter/removers, and ballast tampers. Timey maintenance, parts replacement and service are crucial to keeping the wheels in motion (pun intended). Not only heavy duty transport trains and transportation equipment used hydraulics but also passenger trains transporting precious cargo, us, people. Even here precision of hydraulics is indispensable and safety paramount.

Hydraulics at Sea

Probably the harshest environment of all for the transport industry is at sea. Salt, wind, waves take tall from day one on equipment and machinery. Similarly transport by sea required timely maintenance, accessibility anywhere around the world. A lot of custom work is the norm for military, needing to transport non standard sized cargo and equipment. Stabilizing gangways, large hydraulic hatches all need to work flawlessly. A range of on deck machines and equipment is also operated by hydraulic motors, deck cranes, winches, mooring drums, windlass, capstans, emergency towing equipment. Here as well quick maintenance as needed is crucial part of daily business.

Hydraulics for Air Transport

Logistic industry relying on air transport is dependent on getting deliveries on time to their destination, once again, time is of the essence for a 24/7 industry. Some of the mission critical equipment using hydraulics include: extending and retracting landing gear, positioning flaps, operating hoists, raising and lowering cargo doors, and starting engines.


Servicing Transport and logistics vehicles present also a challenge of geography spread where it is possible that service needs to happen in another geographic location. Hydraulic system design, repair and part replacement enquiries for a wide range of transport applications and vehicles, including: roadside recovery vehicles, haulage trucks, buses, trucks, railway maintenance operators, would need to be actioned quickly. With HydroSym software it is easy to identify exactly the part needed, it is also easy to communicate with another team or a third party maintenance contractor by sharing the hydraulic schematic as well as immediately transmit the needed data sheets for any of the parts.

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