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We took some time to talk to Lars Arousell, Global Sales Manager of Wandfluh about their new line of modular valves that can be adjusted to fit a variety of functions. The line presents an innovative way to produce parts in a flexible way.

It is very exciting what kind of developments can happen in the sphere of industry when you combine the desire to put customers at the center and support actions by technology. We at Paro Software innovate together with our customers and the result of this latest collaborative innovation with Wandfluh is a new custom product configurator that has been built inside HydroSym. 

Future of industry is in customization.

Wandfluh recently introduced a line of Proportional Mobile Valves (PMV), a flexible hydraulic concept that allows modular approach, where different size sections can be used in a single assembly, but leaving each section individually adaptable to the function being controlled. 

Wandfluh's Proportional Mobile Valves Line

The PMV line is targeted for use on mobile and marine equipment. These valves are currently being applied on cylinders and hydraulic motors used for heavy duty handling. PMV are designed to be space-saving, compact hydraulic modules. The modules consist of individual hydraulic valve sections each configured to provide optimized force and speed control of a specific hydraulic actuator. The sections are self-contained, functional building blocks that can be ordered with an array of factory options. The benefits are that they are quick to assemble, adjustable to specific application. The development of the PMV series focused on robustness, precision control, user options, and flexibility. The idea is having only a small number of different parts to create a multitude of variants within the assembled modules.

Collaboration with Paro Software

Wandfluh, being a long-time customer using HydroSym for their hydraulic schematic design, discussed with the team at Paro about their new product line and how to best use HydroSym for quick and easy schematic design without having to re-draw the parts every time. The idea was to create a system to easily represent Wandfluh’s PMV series standard parts or modules in the PARO library so that all Wandfluh's teams and distributors globally can have one point of truth while creating orders for the customers. Giving all teams access to uniform information saves a lot of time from unnecessarily re-creating the parts and diminishes errors. 

Check it out in action:

Customized Product Configurator is born.

Together the team at Wandfluh and Paro came up with some thoughts about how the new product line can be represented in HydroSym's built-in hydraulic parts library. The result: a customized product configurator, and a whole new way of using HydroSym. By loading different parts and creating a drop down menu of options that can be selected and clicked Wandfluh teams can save hours in design and proposal time. 

“Instead of one hour, it takes 10 minutes to create a proposal for a customer. Besides the time saving, it’s fun! It also makes the process simply enjoyable.” Says Lars. 

The time savings in using the Configurator in HydroSym is not the only benefit, another important value add is that it helps Wandfluh to have a better control of the quality globally. Not only between the Wandfluh global branch offices but also across their global distributor network. 


Wandfluh manufactures mechanical precision parts and assemblies. Working internationally cross-sectors. Newly launched Proportional Mobile Valves to offer a modular approach to enable customized solutions. 

Paro Software dedicated developer of hydraulic software solutions HydroSym, HydroMan and HydroCAM.   

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