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The upcoming Bauma 2022 Show in Germany has identified two main areas of focus that will drive transformation in the construction and mining fields, these are sustainability and digitization. Companies that are aligned with this direction will be able to adapt and ensure continuity of their business.

Sustainability is a driving force for looking at every part of the process in a new way and seeing what can be improved. Digitization in a lot of cases is key in leading the transformation. To put us all in the right frame of mind before the show, and start the innovative thinking, a curriculum of 5 talks has been created by Bauma in collaboration with VDMA.

5 Webinars to watch before attending Bauma

In the format of 5 webinars, industry experts will talk about everything from future-oriented construction methods and sustainable raw material extraction to the development of autonomous machines, the digital construction site and emission-free construction.

Here you can find the 5 webinars.

bauma TALK - online expert talks from the construction machinery industry

Overview of the main topics at Bauma 2022

This year Bauma is offering a program with presentations and discussions that will into the main themes to explore them deeper:

Construction methods and materials of tomorrow

The way to autonomous machines

Mining – sustainable, efficient, reliable

Digital construction site

The way to Zero Emission

HydroSym and HydroMan for digitization of hydraulic design

On our side we are doing our small part in the digitizing of Hydraulics that help many of our users implement in their sustainability efforts. We recently wrote about the sustainability benefits of digitizing the hydraulic design process. HydroSym Software for hydraulic system design not only offers a quicker, more reliable way to design hydraulic schematics, but also a way to streamline communication with clients, suppliers and vendors. With HydroMan and HydroCam the process of designing hydraulic manifolds of any size is completely digital, including the programming of CNC machine for production.

The topics at this year's Bauma may have seemed rather futuristic just a few years ago, but with the fast pace of transformation driven by technology we continue to make leaps forward. Just a quick glimpse of what we'll be talking about in the (near) future, how about Biologicalization of industry? Afterall the most sustainable materials are those found occurring in abundance in nature. 

(Photo curtesy of Bauma)

We invite you to a 30 day HydroSym Software Trial to see for yourself how it can help your company with digitization of hydraulic design, delivering hydraulic systems quicker, better communication with suppliers, vendors and partners.