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PARO Library of over 40,000 Hydraulic Parts Just Got Smarter!

In the background we are working hard on making one of the greatest features of HydroSym even richer. Namely we are talking about the PARO Library that at the moment contains over 40,000 hydraulic parts and components. Over the years we have added thousands of parts that you, our users use in your schematics. The benefit is being able to just click and add it right into your worksheet.
Anton Halma and Wouter van der Zwan tell us the details.

PARO Library

There are over 250 manufacturers as well as generic components. What's more, the parts have linked updated datasheets so that your project files are complete and up to date. This comes in handy when you would like to send your client a complete project file or generate a Bill of Material. The library is used by our users daily, and we are working in the background to make the library easier and quicker to use.

New Search Features

Currently, searching by type and manufacturer is working well, but we are not stopping here, we are building out a more "google search" like experience. The search will be much more intuitive, recognizing which part you are looking for with key words and descriptions. The vision, and we are close! is to build out the search engine to have the ability to search by: type names, sizes, and even types, descriptions and abbreviations. 

Richer Search Experience

For example abbreviations will work like this; Let's say you would like to search for "RDD" - with our new PARO Library search engine, you would type in "RDD" and it will still return desired results of not only RDD but also RDDA, RDDF and QRDD or FRDD.

An example of description search is if you would like to search for a "control valve" and relevant components, the smart search will give you results for generic parts and also most used ones. 

This is another step towards making the usage experience of HydroSym more intuitive and the library search smarter. Result? Designing your hydraulic systems quicker and easier, delivering faster to your customers.  

Update Roll Out Soon!

Why do we relentlessly go to such lengths? Because we are super passionate about hydraulic design, and we listen to your suggestions. This update is very close to roll out! We are currently in the process of testing the search in various ways to test if the right results are given. 

Ask For HydroSym Trial

If you are not yet a customer and are wondering what all the fuss is about, we are happy to invite you to test out HydroSym and see for yourself what it can do for you.