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Daman Products Co has been manufacturing hydraulic manifolds for over 40 years for customers in Oil and Gas Industry, Railroad, Airspace, Automotive, Construction and entertainment. No manifold is to large or too small, to complex or too simple. Because their customers come from such a variety of industries with such different hydraulic applications, over the years Daman has accumulated a wealth of knowledge when it comes to producing custom hydraulic manifolds and delivering them quickly and accurately.

Case Study - How DAMAN Products Co uses HydroMan and HydroSym Software for Manifold Design Projects

In the early 90’s Daman Products and PARO Software started working together with Daman implementing HydroMan Software for manifold design. This move has made a drastic efficiency improvement. What used to take weeks and numerous revisions drawing a manifold by hand, with HydroMan takes a fraction of the time.

Daman’s Distributor Services Manager, Matt Giloth said, “From the very beginning, PARO has understood the intricacies and challenges of manifold design. PARO is not just an engineering software company, they are also manifold people. They speak the same language as us.”

Fast forward to today, there are 10 full time Hydraulic Manifold design engineers at Damon who are using HydroMan to create custom manifolds of all sizes and complexity for the diverse customer base of Daman. HydroMan helps the process flow by eliminating some human errors for example it is possible to set wall thickness data in the system as HydroMan will systematically identify wall thicknesses below system settings, circuit errors and flow restrictions at internal intersections.

Daman’s team is able to process over 150 quotations for custom manifolds per week most within 24 hours. Passing on the time saving right to their customers enabling them to move on quicker. Over 65% of manifold production is for custom manifolds. With the packages of HydroMan and HydroSym Team completes 1500-2000 drawings per year. Over the past 20 years design team has consistently achieved 98.56% design accuracy. 

Once the manifold design is complete, the team uses HydroSym to create a complete hydraulic schematic for the customer. The schematic is easily sent to the customer and once the customer approves, with a click of a button, Daman’s team is able to generate a Bill of Materials including all the specified hydraulic components that are needed for the customer’s project. 

With the help of HydroSym, Daman’s team is able to complete 1500 to 2000 drawings per year. Daman really puts their customers at the center providing them with a complete design service as if they were the extension of their customer’s team.

At PARO we strive to support our customers in doing what they do best and delivering quicker and accurately to their customers, or as Daman put’s it, to help them achieve their goals in driving exceptional performance. We also learn from our customers and grow with them over the years, building that knowledge back into the software to make it truly match their needs and help them solve challenges. 

Test it out and see if it can also speed up your workflow, request a free trial of HydroSym by clicking "Free Trial" in the top right corner.