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Best Practice of Technology Scouting

Progressive companies and teams are choosing HydroSym for hydraulic design needs. The software has been developed specifically for hydraulic engineers with thought out features such as updated library of over 40.000 components and a local library where users can add their own custom components for easy access and reference by team members around the world. Working global is becoming a norm, where teams looking for collaborative tools that align with the way they work.

We highlight Lufthansa Technik which is one of such companies that is a great example of global teams in locations throughout the Americas, Europe and China need to collaborate on time sensitive projects.

Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS) offers a comprehensive bandwidth of services for aircraft components. With its eleven locations throughout North, Central and South America, the subsidiary is dedicated to serving customers all over the Americas.

LTCS offers a broad portfolio of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)-services, including customizable products as per individual request. The maintenance of commercial aircraft components encompasses a wide range of services from repairs of single components all the way to a complete material management system with Lufthansa Technik pool access.

Technology Scouting is a continuous process of improvement by trying out new technologies.

One of the best practices by Lufthansa Technik is their dedicated team of technology scouts who are continuously looking for and testing new technologies. What is “technology scouting” exactly? For Lufthansa Technik it is in part a continuous mission for improvement. The scouts actively search out new technologies, test them out, and experiment with new concepts to see how they can be implemented into the workflow. No topic is too far fetched or futuristic for the team and currently projects like nanorobotics and engine repairs, and the use of self-learning algorithms in engine blade diagnostics are household names at the workshops.

Lufthansa Technik

A leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft, from commercial to VIP and special mission aircraft. Holding international licenses for maintenance, design and production, they provide tailored maintenance programs, modification, completion and conversion as well as innovative cabin products, material pooling or engine services. And even digital fleet support.

About Paro Software

Creator of complete suite of software for hydraulic design. HydroSym for fast and easy design of hydraulic systems, HydroMan is a complete 3D design software for hydraulic manifolds. HydroCAM automatically generates a program your CNC machine.

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HydroSym will enable you to quickly and easily design a wide range of hydraulic systems, from a small power unit to a large hydraulic installation.

This includes smart connecting lines with information flows, automatic jumpers, the easy positioning of items between the connecting lines, the straightforward changing of solenoid properties and much more.