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Case Study - HydroSym and HydroMan Used for Projects of Any Complexity

Serving a number of industries HAINZL supports clients in metal production and processing, power generation, renewable energy providing special vehicle construction, machine and plant construction and smart buildings engineering. Their production capabilities and manufacturing technology are brought together on a 16,000 m² of factory floor. HydroSym and HydroMan software packages are used by the team at HAINZL for their diverse projects.

HAINZL Industries is one of Europe’s leading system providers in the fields of fluid and drive technology, handling and automation technology, and building technology. Companies from the fields of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, vehicle construction, the energy industry, and building and infrastructure construction rely on the high international standards that they fulfill with regard to quality, safety and sustainability. HAINZL provides products and services in fluid and automation technology as well as building technology. The company was founded in 1965 and is currently with over 750 employees.

Easy collaboration

Working in the diverse industries and delivering customized projects for customers being able to work quickly as well as easily collaborate on projects between various team members, HAINZL choses to use HydroSym and HydroMan software in their hydraulic design process. No system is to complex or too simple for HydroMan. 

We are using PARO’s HydroMan software for creating manifolds up to 10 tons of weight. Making a mistake in the design of theses Dinosaurs would cost the amount of money for which someone could buy a Ferrari. PARO's software features such as "checklist" keep constructors nerves calm. For an experienced Engineer it is almost impossible to mismatch something.

Wolfgang Zauner, Senior Engineer

For example, wall thickness that is too small or insufficiently porous, wrong connections and port faults: these are some of the mistakes that are easily made when designing a hydraulic manifold. Eliminate mistakes with HydroMan software. HydroMan shows potential mistakes during the designing process. Once the design is done, easily check the circuits with a straightforward checklist.


Error free design and incredibly quick design time.


HydroMan is not really cheap, but pays back the investment in a short period of time.


You will feel safe while working with HydroMan.

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HydroMan is clear, efficient and very user-friendly. With HydroMan you will design quickly while the chances of mistakes is very small. HydroMan is a complete 3D software package for the design of complex as well as simple hydraulic manifolds.