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Today we catch up with Fabian Dannerbauer. He is a hydraulic engineer, ski lover, and a father of two, based in Linz, Austria. 

Fabian has his own company Daf Hydraulik which specializes in customized hydraulic services such as 3D hydraulic manifold design, production and sales of hydraulic components. 

Fabian also provides customized HydroSym and HydroMan on-site training. 

important for me and customers - 
Collaboration - Education - HydroMan basics and advance On-site - hands on and customized
HydroMan training - 3d programs how they work and why hydroman
pre-requirements: For hydraulic professionals,  integrations connectionsvalves and valve typs
features and functionsdifferent possibilites - explanation of the functionwhat can we do with HydroMan Get to know in detail every funciton and how to best use it in your work 
The guide can also be printed out for quick refference 
ISO 1219 - visualization of symbols in library explanation of the Librabry and the ability to create cusomized parts that are stored for using again and again - once place of truth - so that you don't re-create parts everytime
overview full - cycleHydroSymHydroManHydroCam
integration hydroman - inventor 3Djust do the manifold in hydroman, you save so much time - and continue in 
why HMmuch smaller files - easier to work with 10kB - 1MBchange position of valves easily if automatically all valves and holes - and when transfered to HM all the info is tranfsfered drilling list and production drawing - (you don't need another program!) you can do it all with hydroman - and create a production drawing - make to pdf and drilling list is noted. 
Drilling sheet and 1 sheet production drawing
get production drawing in 1 or two clicks - 2 day training - HydroMan Basics 

4 day training - HydroMan Advance great investment to really how HM works- how YOU work with HM - 3D models out of what we learnedProduction drawing in different ways - autoCAD - PDF etcHydroSym to hydroman - what information is necessary/important for Hydromnamake own pattern - saving the pattern in the library for future use

Shortcusts and tips and tricks - of course the funnest part and also the Easiest way is to use an actual project - and we will work on that project during the advanced class. 
benefit: make own holes, library, pattern, manifold 3d models, production drawing